MailChimp is an email marketing platform you can use to send newsletters to your database. We provide you with the content and templates that allow for you to send a newsletter out each time the RBA announce their cash rate decision.

Check out the below resources to learn how to set-up MailChimp and send newsletters.

Note: You’re legally obliged to seek and obtain permission before adding anyone to your email marketing database, and you must not opt anyone back in without prior written consent.

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2024 Newsletter Timeline

Tuesday – 06 – Feb
Tuesday – 19 – Mar
Tuesday – 07 – May
Tuesday – 18 – Jun
Tuesday – 06 – Aug
Tuesday – 24 – Sep
Tuesday – 05 – Nov
Tuesday – 10 – Dec

MailChimp Templates

Video Tutorials & Webinars

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set-up a MailChimp account so you can send newsletters to your clients and prospects.

Once you’ve set up your account check out our video on how to send a newsletter with Mailchimp.

New to MailChimp? Check out our introduction webinar that covers the basics of the platform.

A quick 30 minute webinar that covers using our templates to create your own newsletter.

Learn how to rebrand the Southern Cross Broker Network template to your own branding as well as how to slot in the cash rate and blog content we provide you.